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Date Navigation

Pages are the entry point to a site, and with custom attributes can store lots of information that developers might want to access. Additionally, operations as simple as printing out the date a page was created or the name of a page require understanding how to retrieve and operate on the page object. Within a page template e. It’s already present in the local scope:.

Your website uses the most up-to-date concrete5 version 8. Now check page 3 for your update options It’s easy to find out which version of concrete5 powers.

It provides great new features that will make your life easier than before, like the ability to drag and drop content and in-context editing. Another new Concrete5 feature is the multilingual section, which can be found in the admin dashboard and the switch language block. The multilingual section allows you to create localized pages in seconds and easily manage your supported locales. The page will look like the above screen capture. This will copy all pages from your source language to your target language English to French for this example but will not affect any page previously created in the target language, this will also not affect global blocks as they need to be localized manually.

To verify this step, go to the sitemap and compare the English site tree to the French site tree. To do this, go to Page Report after you create the new locale. To add a switch language block on any page click, Add Content to the page.

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Here’s a practical example. Let’s say on a website you’d like to create blog posts and have them structured at a particular URL scheme based on date. So, if you added a blog entry named “Hello World” it would be found at.

Filters by date the page was added. $comparison can be any MySQL comparison operator. $pl->filterByPublicDate($date, $comparison = ‘=’). Filters by public.

When talking about localization, t is the main function that developers should be aware of. It accepts one or more parameters. The first parameter is the string that should be translated. So, for instance, for a Cancel button you should write:. Great, isn’t it? You may think to write it as echo t ‘Edit ‘. This is wrong, since the translatable string must be a constant.

You may also think to write echo t ‘Edit’. This approach too should be avoided, since it supposes that in every language the translation of ‘Edit’ comes before the block type name for instance, in German they are reversed.

Getting helpers in concrete5 5.7+

This option allows to restart migration during the specified period of time. To receive the most accurate calculation of your migration price, please indicate the exact amount of your current data. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. By using this site you agree to these cookies being set. Find out more in our Privacy Policy.

Want to grow your concrete5 site bigger and stronger? And Joomla is the CMS of your choice Comment content, created date and author info. sec-blu. Images.

Any time you want to sort , search or filter a list of pages you should use this object rather than querying the database directly , as it handles the compexities of permissions, page versions, and aliasing, and provides a nice API on top of the fairly complex table structure underneath. This is an array of all Page objects, with no limit.

Filtering a PageList query involves calling a filterBy Filtering by keywords performs a simple LIKE query against the name, description or text content of a page, as well as the textual representation of any page attributes that have been marked as “included in search index”. The PageList object contains some ‘magic methods’ to filter easily by attributes.

Simply add a StudlyCapsed attribute handle after filterBy and pass the data into the attribute:. The attribute’s type determines what kind of data it takes in its filter methods. For example, if the attribute is a topic, it can take a topic tree node:. By default PageList will only return results from the active locale siteTree.

Example: Changing a Page’s Location Based on its Date

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method you can have your Concrete5 website up and running in minutes. Using the same package manager you can also keep your installation up to date.

Date Navigation allows you to make a navigable menu sorted by a page’s date. Great for adding simple blog-like navigation to a sidebar. This is the documentation for concrete5 version 5. View Current Documentation. Number and Type of Pages. You can limit the number of results the nav will show, and which page types it will show here. Location in Website – Pick where you want to pull results from.

Anywhere, just sister pages at this level, just below this page, or beneath another page of your choosing. Display Format – This will change the results view. Flat just shows months, Hierarchy shows years that expand to show months that expand to show pages. Open by default – Lets you control what month to have open on page load. Either the month the current page’s created date is in, or the current month on the server.

Page Info – choose if you want to include page descriptions in this view.

Concrete 5 Express 8.1 Installation and First Look

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